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Fall Ball 2022 Games at Standley!

The 2022 Fall Ball season has begun!  The 9 UC Del Sol teams are playing in the Clairemont-Peninsula Fall Ball League; games will be at East Clairemont Athletic Field, Robb Field, McEvoy Field and Standley Middle School.

If you'd like to drop by Standley to watch some action, here are the dates and times for the games:

Sept. 18th (2:00 pm):  UC-Molly vs UC-Alan (10U)
Sept. 18th (3:45 pm):  Clairemont vs UC-Tianna (12U)

Oct. 2nd (2:00 pm):  UC-Tianna vs UC-Perry (12U)
Oct. 2nd (3:45 pm):  Peninsula vs UC-James (8U)

Oct. 16th (2:00 pm):  UC-Alan vs UC-James (10U)
Oct. 16th (3:45 pm):  UC-Perry vs Clairemont (12U)

Oct. 30th (2:00 pm):  Coastal Bay vs UC-James (10U)
Oct. 30th (3:45 pm):  UC-Val vs UC-Perry (12U)

12U Team Advances to State Playoffs!

UC Del Sol's 12U All Star team took 3rd place in the District playoffs and has advanced to the State playoffs in Lancaster for the weekend of July 1 - 3!!  Congratulations to these sluggers!!  In one of their victories, they overcame a 10-3 deficit to win the game 12-11 in walkoff fashion!!

All Stars Fun!

2022 All-Star season has ended.  All four of our All Star teams had a blast and competed valiantly in the tournaments.  Above is our 10U Silver team and below are 8U, 10U Bronze and 12U teams.

UC Del Sol and Triton Day - Mar 24, 2022!

Starting Line Ups!

First Pitch

PA Announcer 1

PA Announcer 2

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Thank you to the San Diego County Board of Supervisors for approving our grant application upon the recommendation of Supervisor Dave Roberts.

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